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Dictionary in 180 languages

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MULTILINGUAL DICTIONARY: AROUND THE WORLD IN 180 LANGUAGES Dictionary in 180 languages, with common phrases, questions and expressions by Henri Goursau A REMARKABLE APPLICATION A DICTIONARY THAT EXCLUSIVELY OFFERS:
200 common phrases and expressions translated in 180 languages
• The world’s most common languages covering all continents• European languages spoken by almost 750 million citizens• Dialects from France, Europe and across the globe
200 phrases arranged in alphabetical order, for communication, conversation and travel in 180 languages40,000 exchanges in all the languages of the world (English-Chinese, Chinese-English, etc.)
Ask for directions, where to eat, sleep, visit, get a taxi, bus, train or plane, where to find a hotel, bank, museum, city centre and many other useful questions, anywhere in the world... All of this at your fingertips thanks to a multilingual tool that will assist you and solve your problems in any situation.
How do you make yourself understood abroad? This handy application will help you find the phrases you need, assisting you in everyday situations, from the casual to the complex.
If you need to converse in a regional dialect: Basque, Catalan, Corsican, Creole, Monegasque, Tahitian, Hawaiian, Berber, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Fijian, Gaelic, Galician, Welsh, Luxembourgian, Maltese, Papiamento, Quechua, Sardinian, Tongan, Valencian, Zulu… This application makes it all possible.
A real reference accessible to anyone, for travel and communication in the world's principal languages. It will help you in taking your first steps across the language divide, breaking the ice and establishing a rapport in the local language and with local people.
Now it’s your turn to use the application to your advantage, to communicate effectively and precisely whilst getting the most out of your stay in a foreign country.
The application’s content is always available, without any internet connection required.